Plamena Solakova: Makeup Really Does Not Define Women

My name is Plamena Solakova. I am originally from Bulgaria and I work in an IT consulting company in the U.K. currently. I heard about the Honest You project from a Facebook group for young feminists in London, and then I decided to take part in it because I am really happy to see that there are ordinary people who have great initiatives and creative ideas to take actions for a better life for women around the world.

I do wear makeup at work and some other occasions, but not constantly. However, I definitely do not think that it would ever be a problem for me to go out of the house without makeup. This is not something that girls should be ashamed of for the simple reason that makeup really does not define women. It’s entirely a woman’s right to wear makeup or not and I am completely pro whatever the choice is. In general, it is all about having the freedom and opportunity to choose for yourself. If you feel like it, great; If you don’t, also great. As long as you are happy with your choice which makes you feel confident and empowered, that is all that matters.

I currently work in an IT consulting company in London, which is an interesting industry but its female participation is very limited unfortunately. This is one of the reasons that I am interested in feminism issues and gender equality, especially female participation in certain industries. I used to work as an intern for a foreign policy think-tank in the U.K., in which I worked on a research project on owner-based violence. I was depressed by the true stories of women across the U.K. who suffer from awful injustice quite often by their own families. So the issues of home-based and domestic violence are really touching to me. Also, my interests came from my family too, as I was born and raised by a single mother and my grandmother is a fierce woman actually. What I learned from them is that basically there is nothing that a woman cannot achieve. As a result, I started blogging on various issues on gender equality about two years ago. I would like to share my thoughts when I read about some news stories where women experience injustice and I am happy that there are people who actually read it. More importantly, it is not about the number of the readers, but my personal satisfaction of what I am writing about.

Plamena Solakova Bio*This article is based on an interview with Plamena Solakova on August 7th, 2016.

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