Jane Chelliah: Certain Stereotypes of Beauty Are Problems

My name is Jane Chelliah. I am a blogger and ambitious mother. When I saw the post of this project, I applied to it straight away. As a mother of a 16-year-old daughter, I know that makeup and body image are huge problems for girls today. It seems that there are certain stereotypes of beauty in schools too, such as blond hair etc. Many school girls, including my daughter, worries about their hair colour, size and makeup. I believe that the discussion on body image should go deeper than just size, that is why I am interested in this project, as it brings the topic to another level.

When it comes to makeup, I think one point that should not be ignored is the psychological aspect, like what kind of anxiety that women associate with makeup. It is also important to know how women view the value of makeup in different settings. For instance, I wear makeup at work, because I think women are judged by their appearance to some extent while working. In fact, this fear of being judged by appearance exists in many other occasions. But, should it be like this?

I started blogging on the issue of feminist mother for similar purposes. Basically, this concept is derived from the fact that there are so many flags and expectations thrown at mothers, but there is not enough support as well as understanding to mothers. I was very happy when I became a mother 17 years ago. Then I came across a Canadian group online, which was the hub for feminist mothers worldwide. I became a member and started to realise that there are millions of mothers out there who may not know about the concept but are actually practicing it. I am trying to spread knowledge of this term in the U.K., which deals with the situations that go against mothering.

So, get back to this photography project, it indicates that women are facing pressure from all aspects of their lives. I wish this project can touch both the internal and external parts of this problem at the end.

Jane Chelliah Bio

*This article is based on an interview with Poli Palian on August 7th, 2016.


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