Mengqi He: Makeup Matters in Dramas…Just Not Too Heavy

I began to like makeup since I was a kid. I used to steal my mum’s cosmetics and put it on my face at home secretly, like what many other girls have done. I felt like I could ‘change’ my face with it.

As I grew up, wearing makeup became a fashionable thing to me. I don’t think it’s necessary to wear makeup all the time, but it does work for some official occasions, such as important interviews or auditions, as acting is my career. From the professional point of view, makeup can change the character. Makeup can indicate someone’s habits, personality, and even identity in dramas. For example, if a makeup artist put a scar or bruise on your face, it certainly builds up a story and raise the questions, like how did she get this scar, from domestic violence or mental health problems? It is amazing to see how makeup could change the character and the story in a play.

However, I do agree that actors should not wear too much makeup in front of camera. As heavy makeup makes it difficult to see your real emotion from your facial expressions, which blocks the relationship between you and the camera. The less makeup you wear, the more real side you can show to the audience.

Mengqi He - Info

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